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Botswana is considered to be one of the least corrupt countries in the SADC region and as such Botswana has served as the pilot in the implementation of some of the activities under the BAAC initiative such as the development of codes of conduct for the Private Sector in Botswana.  


In Cameroon, BAAC is working with key public departments such as the supreme state control ministry (the state auditor) as well as the customs and revenue departments to streamline procedures in improving governance.  


The Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) has enormous economic potential thanks to its rich mineral and forest resources, and vast tracts of arable land.  


The Ghana Anti-corruption Coalition (GACC) is the implementing partner of BAAC in Ghana. GACC is a nine-year old collaboration of public, private and civil society stakeholders that facilitates anti-corruption activities in Ghana through the concerted efforts of its membership.  


The government of Lesotho and BAAC are organising a Pan-African Anti-Corruption forum titled BAAC: Public Private Strategies to Improve Governance in November 2010.  


BAAC was launched in Malawi in 2006 and is hosted by the African Institute of Corporate Citizenship (AICC).   


In January 2006 The Convention on Business Integrity (CBI) joined the BAAC network as the Nigerian partner.   

South Africa

The BAAC programme in South Africa is driven by AICC on the basis of supporting existing initiatives and key institutions in the country involved in anti-corruption.   


Tanzania has just come on board on the BAAC initiative. To date two consultative meetings have been conducted in Tanzania with both the Private and Public sector bodies.   


The BAAC national Chapter for Zambia was born out of a series of consultations meetings and workshops conducted starting in 2007 with the various business and public sector stakeholders in Zambia.   


Rohit Badhwar

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Daisy Kambalame-Kalima

Country Director
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