Tanzania BAAC Chapter launched

As part of activities commemorating Tanzania’s 50 years Anniversary, the Tanzania Private Sector Foundation (TPSF) led the Tanzania business sector to launch the BAAC chapter in the country. The event was held on 19th September 2011 at Monvepick Royal Palm Hotel in Dar es Salaam. The launch was the culmination of the close collaboration of the TPSF with the Prevention and Combating of Corruption Bureau (PCCB), Human Rights and Development Trust of Southern Africa (HURIDETSA) and the commonwealth Business Council since 2009.

Among the distinguished guests that graced the event were retired Judge Thomas Mihayo, the Minister of State in the President’s Office (Good Governance) Mathias Chikawe, the Commonwealth Business Council member Reginald Mengi, Minister of State in the Prime Minister’s Office (Empowerment and Investment) Dr. Mary Nagu, and the Executive Director of TPSF Evans Rweikiza. They all spoke in support of the launch while emphasizing that corruption “makes business increasingly costly to run”.

In a related development, the Tanzania Responsible Business Network (TRBN) will launch its two year activity plan on 6th October 2011. The TBRN is supported by GIZ and will mainly focus on “business ethics and anti-corruption. It is expected that BAAC Malawi and Deloitte’s Tip-offs Anonymous will participate at the launch in sharing their experiences in promoting business ethics and the fight against corruption.

The Road to the Official Chapter Launch

Tanzania has just come on board on the BAAC initiative. To date two consultative meetings have been conducted in Tanzania with both the Private and Public sector bodies. The meetings were conducted on 18 June and 20 August 2009 respectively.

In Tanzania HURIDETSA set the ball rolling on the BAAC initiative by holding a BAAC and Codes of Conduct meeting on 18 June 2009 in Dar es Salaam. This meeting was conducted in partnership with the Prevention and Combating of Corruption Bureau (PCCB). The meeting brought together organisations and institutions representing both the public and the private sector in Tanzania.

The meeting sought to discuss and develop consensus on, the possibility of the establishment of a BAAC national chapter in Tanzania. The meeting also explored the existing anti-corruption programmes of government and the business sector in Tanzania, with a view to informing a process for the establishment of a BAAC chapter in Tanzania.

A follow consultative meeting targeting mainly the Private Sector Bodies in Tanzania was also held on 20 August. The meeting brought some of the key private sector bodies to discuss the possibilities of establishing a BAAC national chapter for Tanzania. One of the major outcomes of this meeting was the agreement that the BAAC initiative would fit in very well in the provision of the Tanzania National Anti-Corruption Strategy and Action Plan (Phase II), in particular goal 4 of the strategy. The meeting also managed to put in place a steering committee that will oversee and coordinate the activities leading to the official launch and establishment of the BAAC national chapter in Tanzania.

The Steering Committee which is chaired by TPSF has been meeting with the aim of mobilizing resources and also planning for the official launch of the BAAC in Tanzania.

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